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Video 1
. The City without Horizon.

Script and Direction : Pedro Barbadillo
Locations: Different cities.

Video 2. Fora de dins (Out from inside)

Script and Direction : Joaquim Jordà
Equipo de rodaje:
                                Cámara: Anna Sanmartí
                                Sonido: Amanda Villavieja
Localizaciones: Barcelona ciudad

Video 3. What Is not Seen

Script and Direction : Miguel Albadalejo
Film Unit :
                                Actress: Silvia Micó
                                Production Manager / Production assistant : Javier Mori
                                New York assistant : Juanjo Martínez
Locations :
                                ONCE Tuflologican Museum in La Coruņa Street (Madrid)
                                Barajas (Madrid) and New York Airports and Planes.
                                The Ferry and the Statue of Liberty in New York

Video 4. ( Without title yet)

Script and Direction : Lucrecia Martel
Film Unit:
                                Camera: Chaski
                                Sound: Guido Beremblum
Production: Santiago Leiro
Locations: Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires

Video 5. DJEMMA EL-FNA Square (meeting-place)

Script and Direction : Chus Gutiérrez
It tackles the subject of public space as a meeting-place which tends to disappear. In the western culture the square is understood as a threat.
The piece intends to recreate a place
Locations: Marrakech.

Video 6. Does the City Kill ?

Direction : Gracia Querejeta
Technical Unit
            Director of Photography and Camera: Jordi Abusada
            Production : Goyo Hebrero-José Gago
            Sound engineer: Marcos Salso
            Film Editor: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
            Musician: Luis Mendo
Locations: It will be filmed in different parts of Madrid during two days from dawn to nightfall. It is about moving through the different crucial centres of the city with the intention of catching the movement and the hustle and bustle of the capital .

Video 7. The Horizon of the City.

Script and Direction : Pedro Barbadillo
Locations: Different cities around the world.