- People in Charge / Exhibition Directors and Basic Team





General Coordination.
            Manuel Saravia

General Approach and Catalogue.
Pablo Gigosos and Manuel Saravia

Exhibition and Communication
Juan González-Posada M.

Alfonso Sanz Alduán and Pedro Barbadillo

Websites & blog .
            Paco Alvarado and Iñaki Ríos

Round-table Conferences.
Several (one in each seat)

Scientific Committee.
             Chairmanship: Manuel Torres and Jaume Saura

Collaboration in Technical and Legal Aspects
            Department of Urbanism of the School of Architecture of the Vallés
            and the Institute of Human Rights of Catalonia (Barcelona

Basic Work Team and Editorial Team
A group of six students of Architecture
            (members of ASFCyL: Architects Without Frontiers of Castilla y León)
            and students of Law of the University of Valladolid
            will be established in order to help with the production of the contents.