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The project is articulated in a series of events which will be held in the different cities of the programme. The exhibition which will be installed in each cities and debates about the topic will be held. When finishing the tour, a summary publication will gather the main conclusions and contributions which have been drawn up or collected. In parallel with that, a practice about real urban planning where we will apply the guidelines of the basic urbanism which is wanted


esclavo, Miguel Angel B.



* The exhibition

     The exhibition is organized around seven short videos made by seven film directors, who go into this new type of artistic expression (most of them for the first time) beyond the cinemas. The rest of the exhibition chart (texts, other images) will also be presented in video format. And in some places (Bogotá, Valladolid, etc.) there will be an analysis of the existing city which is seen from the view of human rights and urban development, too.

* Debates

     It is planned that debates about the topic which concerns us are held in each city. Either centred on the cities of a determined space or discussing about a concrete subject or aspect. And then, in relation to the first objective in Bogotá, there will be a debate about the Latin American city and Human Rights; in Paris about the European city; in Dakar about the African city and in Chicago about the North American one. Regarding to the subjects, in Bogotá the intention is getting the way to make all rights compatible with urban space, joining them in pairs and studying the form of integration; in Barcelona the objective is to remember the historical urban origins of human rights; in Madrid there will be a debate about the meaning of dignity when dealing with urban development; in Valladolid there will be a discussion about the practical possibilities of applying these principles and the relation between theory and practice (once more); in Buenos Aires a debate about the elements of the city so that they accomplish their poetic function; and in Jerusalem a debate about the coexistence among different cultural worlds.

* Publications

     The summary text, which will collect the results of this project, will contain a summary of each debate held in every city; a selection of good practices (very exacting, brief and concise); the analyses of the cities (equally summarized); the collections of questions and comments from the blog (urblog); and a final text.

* A Practice

     From the very beginning there was an interest in doing a work of planning to put the principles which were discussed into practice. Contacts with town councils have been established although any place has not been specified yet, where the suggested practice can be carried out definitely. The aim is the writing of the planning and the subsequent executive documents (plan of acting and plan of urbanization), according to the criteria of urban development of human rights and boosting the neighbourhoods' participation .