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 First Press Release (Madrid, 21st March 2006)

Six directors finish their works for an exhibition about the city, urban development and human rights.

Lucrecia Martel, Gracia Querejeta, Joaquim Jordá, Miguel Albadalejo, Chus Gutiérrez y Pedro Barbadillo demand a new horizon for the city .

An exhibition basically composed of seven short films, scripted and directed by six film directors (Pedro Barbadillo films two of them, the introductory and the final ones), which will travel around a dozen cities in three continents throughout 2006 and 2007. Having the title “The Budding City”, short pieces are joint together, pieces which Lucrecia Martel, Gracia Querejeta, Joaquim Jordà, Miguel Albadalejo, Chus Gutiérrez and Pedro Barbadillo have prepared in order to make clear the urgent necessity to reconsider the city under other parameters different to the current ones in a radical way. Beyond the habitual speech of a functionalist or economic nature, and even with greater depth and significance than the one demanded by the reasonings of urban ecology. The texts of the presentation says that sustainability is necessary but it is not enough to make a city for everybody.

Filmed in Barcelona, Joaquim Jordà's piece, Fora de dins (Out from Incide) alludes to the last citizen's necessity to feel himself as a part of urban process. Miguel Albadalejo, for his part, follows a travel from Madrid to New York made by the actress Silvia Micó in order to express the way to see the city which comes in through the skin. Gracia Querejeta films a piece in Madrid about the harshness and aggressiveness of a city progressively dehumanised which she expressively entitles “Does the City Kill?”. Lucrecia Martel presents a condemnation work of one of the worst expressions of anti-city which is spreading to the outskirts of Buenos Aires (and also in the biggest cities in the world): the closed communities and the privileged spaces which have been segregated voluntarily. Chus Gutiérrez deals with the gradual disappearance of the public space as a meeting-place. The piece which refers to the square Djemma EL-FNA in Marrakech tries to recreate a place which is more and more understood as a threat. Finally, Pedro Barbadillo has filmed two short documentaries about the present condition of urban culture, “The City without Horizon”, and the prospects of relaunching based on the materialization of human rights in it, in the closing film entitled “The Horizon of the City”.

The exhibition is opened in the Museum of Bogotá on the 20 th May 2006, moving next to Vancouver (at the World Urban Forum in June) and later on, in September, it will be installed in Zaragoza, inside the setting of the Third Urban Forum held by the Superior Council of Colleges of Architects of Spain, which will also deal with this topic, “The City and Human Rights”, and then, in October, it will be presented in Valladolid, within the Congress on Human Rights, which will be held in this city. It is financed by the Junta de Castilla y León and organized by the architect Mr Manuel Saravia.