coffe terrace by night. Oil on canvas Vincent Van Gogh from september 1888. In Rijksmuseum Kröller-Müller, Otterio,  original size 81,0 x 65,5 cmt


The Budding City designates a project which joints together a group of actions to attract everybody's attention about an only matter: the city must be the materialization of human rights and urban development which organizes it must be based on that purpose. It is arranged as a journey through 12 cities in Europe, Africa and America, where an exhibition will be shown, some studies will be carried out and some debates will be held. All that throughout 2006 and 2007 .
The project, whose characteristics are explained in detail in the section named ABOUT . . . , is the prolongation of other works about the same topic made up to now and which can be seen in the page CITY-RIGHTS.
It is essential to get and order good documentation in order to be successful. Not only the material in the videos, the debates and the analyses which have been made on purpose, but also the IMAGES and narrations, the questions, the analyses, the theories and REFLECTIONS, and the EXPERIENCES and practices provided by the readers, visitors and the public in general, which can be useful to understand that budding city in a better way, a budding city which is expressive of human rights and it is also the one which we want to contribute to.
It is required, therefore, the collaboration of those people who are interested in order to broaden the collected documentation with new texts and images, analyses, reports of experiences and so on or simply in order to include their opinions (see URBLOG).



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> Latest images. The latest inclusions of images, pictures, narrations, expressive of the human rights in the city.
> Latest reflections. A file with the latest documents of analyses, theory or debates about the possibilities and formulas to include the requirements of human rights into the urban area.
Newly incorporated = Without horizon, a budding city ?
> Latest experiences. A summary of the latest good practices which have been received in relation to the subject and aim of this project.
Latest answers incorporated = Without horizon